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Nonton Film Worry Dolls (2016) Online Gratis Subtitle Indonesia Terbaru

Worry Dolls (2016) Online Gratis Subtitle Indonesia

NRGenre: Horror, Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 85 MinView: 25 views
16 votes, average 3.9 out of 10

A brutal serial killer is finally gunned down in the middle of carrying out one last heinous act of bloody murder. In the maniac’s possession, a box of Guatemalan talismans, which mistakenly end up being sold as charm jewelry in Chloe’s Collectables thrift shop. Soon those who bought the Worry Dolls begin to act strangely out of character and cause another rash of senseless slaughter. An ancient curse is consuming the city and pits a hardened detective against the clock to save his 8 year-old daughter’s life.

Tagline:Worry to death
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