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Nonton Film Sinners and Saints (2010) Online Gratis Subtitle Indonesia Terbaru

Sinners and Saints (2010) Online Gratis Subtitle Indonesia

NC-17Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 104 MinView: 53 views
31 votes, average 5.7 out of 10

In lawless storm ravaged New Orleans, eleaguered Detective Sean Riley is trying to cope with the death of his young son and the abandonment of his wife. Facing a probable suspension from the department, Riley is teamed with a young homicide Detective, Will Ganz, to help solve a series of brutal murders that have plunged the city into a major gang war. The two quickly realize there is something far more sinister going on than either could have ever imagined.

Tagline:His city. His rules. No prisoners.
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