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Nonton Film Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017) Terbaru

Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017)

PG-13Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Quality: Year: Duration: 109 MinView: 51 views
9 votes, average 6.8 out of 10

Tang Monk brings three disciples on a journey to the West. On the outside, everything seems harmonious. However, tension is present beneath the surface, and their hearts and minds are not in agreement. After a series of demon-capturing events, the monk and his disciples gain mutual understanding of each others’ hardships and unease. Finally, they resolve their inner conflict and work together to become an all-conquering, demon-exorcising team.

Cast:, , , , , ,
Budget:$ 63.300.000,00
Revenue:$ 731.607,00